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Strike put on pause; resumes Wednesday at 2:30 pm

Friday 10 July 2015

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On the fourth day of the strike at AFP, the CGT-FO-SUD-CFE/CGC trade unions proposed at the staff assembly on Friday to pause the action over the extended holiday weekend and resume it on Wednesday 15 July at 2:30 pm (1230 GMT).

A NEW STAFF ASSEMBLY will be held WEDNESDAY 15 July at 2:30 pm,

in the editorial hall on the first floor of rue Vivienne.

The four trade unions call on staff working in France to resume the STRIKE from the staff assembly. EXCEPT if by that time CEO Emmanuel Hoog has rescinded from the agenda of the Works Council meeting of 16 July the cancellation of all the collective wage and benefits agreements.

The cancellation of that unacceptable project from that meeting is the sole objective of the strike launched by all trade unions at the agency on July 7.


Many employees expressed their readiness to continue the strike over the Bastille Day weekend. But the joint committee of CGT, FO, SUD and CFE-CGC trade unions considered it unwise to do so, as staff is at a minimum there is a risk that strikers come under intense pressure.

The proposal to pause the strike was well received at the staff assembly on Friday. Despite the difficulty of making good choices in such situations, there was a good debate and the assembly reached decision by consensus to pause the strike.

The CGT-FO-SUD-CFE/CGC trade unions will organize a PRESS CONFERENCE on Wednesday 15 July at 11:00 am. The trade unions call for a RESUMPTION OF THE STRIKE at 2:30 pm during the staff assembly.

On Thursday morning at 9:30 am AFP staff are invited to gather outside the hall where a meeting of the Works Council has been scheduled. The Secretary of the Works Council will tell the CEO once again that by pushing ahead with his plan in defiance of the majority of the staff and their elected representatives, he WILL CREATE AN IRREVERSIBLE RUPTURE WITH EMPLOYEES.


Paris, 10 July 2015
The CGT, FO, SUD and CFE-CGC trade unions at AFP