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Faced with the Fries Plan, we need coherent, combative and determined staff representatives!

Tuesday 16 October 2018

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Our new CEO Fabrice Fries wants to eliminate 125 posts by 2023 to once again cut operating costs, while still maintaining the objective of moving our headquarters.

The Fries Plan foresees the net elimination of 125 posts by 2023.

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  • -40 journalist posts, which is -4.84% of the 826 CDI+CDD average monthly staff in 2017 (according to the Bilan Social 2017)
  • -85 administrative and technical posts, which is -16% (!) from the 531 CDI+CDD posts in 2017.

This no doubt means outsourcing of administrative and technical functions, abandoning even more of the Agency’s logistical independence. As for the 75 voluntary departures and 35 new hires of journalists, as well as redeployments and conversion of expatriate into local posts, this can only result in a new degradation of work conditions and the quality of information provided by AFP, notably in text services.

The Fries Plan counts on a discouraged and inactive staff.

Following their various initial reactions, the trade unions stepped up and via the Intersyndicale called a General Assembly of staff which massively supported its call to action:

“The trade unions representing all categories of employees at AFP (CGT, SNJ, CFDT, FO, SUD and CFE-CGC) are opposed to the plan to cut a net 125 jobs presented by Fabrice Fries at the meeting of the Board of Governors on October 4 and which poses a serious risk to the Agency’s public interest mission. We call on all of the Agency’s employees to join a work stoppage on all wires on Thursday, October 18, from 10 am to 1 pm (0800 to 1100 GMT) during the presentation of the Fries plan at the Works Committee meeting. (...) A new general assembly of staff will take place on Thursday, October 18 at 2 pm (1200 GMT) following the meeting of the Works Committee. The trade unions will seek to meet with representatives of the government and parliament over the commitment of the French state to AFP, while respecting its independence.”

The Fries Plan is neither surprising nor inevitable.

It is the continuation of the logic of decisions that we have emphasized are political in nature, and are thus subject to be modified by collective action by citizens and employees, provided they are not resigned to accept come what may. The Fries Plan is the product of decisions that SUD has regularly explained and opposed, notably:

The Fries Plan coincides with elections of staff representatives.

Faced with the Hoog Plan, the SUD delegation has respected its commitments: we invite you to read the overview of our mandate and the list of accords signed during the past four years and which unions signed them. You can find these documents and our electoral programs: http://u.afp.com/SudEN

Faced with the Fries Plan, staff need to choose staff representatives who are coherent, combative and determined. Representatives who regularly inform staff and make alternative propositions. Representatives who represent all staff, without corporatism.

In the elections lasting until October 18, give SUD a strong mandate!
Vote SUD and encourage others to vote SUD!

SUD-AFP (Solidarity-Unity-Democracy)

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