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SUD-AFP did not sign the COVID-19 accord

Monday 13 April 2020

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SUD-AFP participated actively in the negotiations on striking an accord on special measures linked to the COVID-19 epidemic with the goal of obtaining a text that put defending the health and interests of staff first.

Texte de l’accord

One major goal was to ensure no loss of wages for the most vulnerable (in particular stringers), as recently demanded by the national journalist unions.

Unfortunately, the accord as negotiated came up short in that objective.

For SUD, the accord approved and signed by the majority unions does not contain sufficient safeguards concerning the imposition of days off and doesn’t efficiently protect the most vulnerable. The revenue of regular AFP stringers is guaranteed at just 85% of and there is a risk it may be considered an “overpayment” and must be repaid in 2021. Furthermore, they are the only ones who make a financial sacrifice while those on CDI contracts are just forced to take days off.

That is why SUD-AFP didn’t sign the accord.

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Paris, April 11, 2020
SUD-AFP (Solidarity-Unity-Democracy)

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