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CSE 2022 elections: SUD at more than 25% among AFP journalists

Monday 3 October 2022

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The first round of the workplace elections at AFP wrapped up on September 30 and SUD thanks the 143 staff members who gave our candidates their vote of confidence.

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Unfortunately, the quorum wasn’t met among the journalists, and SUD urges them to remain mobilized for a second round of voting that will take place from October 13 to 20.

In line with our commitment to regularly and rapidly inform staff, SUD provides here the results of the first round of voting, which management has yet to do (although the electoral calendar specified the diffusion of the results on Friday September 30).

Here are the main points:

SUD strengthened its position in 2nd place among journalists, receiving 25.90% of the vote (+7.26 percentage points), behind the SNJ (39.86%).

SUD is in 2nd place among the laborers and employees with 14.75% (+0.01 pt) of the vote, which is however far behind the dominant CGT (75.41%).

Among the cadres, our weak point, we received 5.24% (-3.44 pts) of the vote, compared to 48.69% for the CGT, 26.18% for the CFE-CGC and 19.90% for FO.

SUD’s share of electorate is in constant progression at 18.89% (+3.08 pts).

Representativity 2022-2026: CGT 36.33%, SNJ 23.38%, SUD 18.89%, FO 14.80%, CGC 6.61%

Representativity is calculated on the basis of votes for titulaires in the first round

A 2nd round for journalists

If participation exceeded 75% among the administrative and technical staff, only 46.18% of journalists voted. A second round of voting will be held to select the journalists who will serve on the CSE: 15 titulaires and 15 suppleants.

Journalists, give your vote in the 2nd round from October 13 to 20 to SUD candidates who will defend your interests! For you and with you.

Paris, October 2, 2022
SUD-AFP (Solidarity-Unity-Democracy)