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Work more to earn less? Refuse to negotiate the weight of our chains! Prepare the riposte!

Thursday 15 December 2016

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AFP’s management has the firm intention of concluding negotiations on the Grand Accord by February 9, 2017. Four full days of talks are planned for January 30 through February 2 to “finalize” the text which represents a sharp deterioration of our work conditions that will do little to resolve the Agency’s financial problems.

By the end of January we must build a movement in order to change the balance of forces and resist the imposition of measures that will see us work more for less.

If you don’t want to work more for less, see your chances for career advancement hobbled, now is the time to speak up in order to prepare a movement leading to a strike during the “finalization” of this disastrous proposal.

During a meeting on December 15 to review progress on the text, the six representative trade unions at AFP stated their positions concerning management’s proposals.

SUD presented the following demands:

  • No increase in working hours
  • Keeping the paid break
  • No reduction in RTTs
  • No introduction of forfait jours
  • Automatic career plans for all staff (as for journalists currently)

That these basic demands are incompatible with management’s proposal was, unsurprisingly, clear from the December 15 meeting.

Staff consultation in view a strike

SUD calls on all staff to express their views on these demands and the preparation of a widespread movement.

Send your comments and suggestions to: !

SUD wants the Intersyndicale to organize a democratic consultation on the objectives of a strong social movement opposing the Grand Accord, which by making us work more for less will enable the cutting of jobs and will put the capability of the Agency to fulfil its public service mission at risk.

The sacrifices demanded of us won’t solve AFP’s financial problems

SUD-AFP (Solidarity-Unity-Democracy)